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Red Herring Fallacy Examples in Real Life & in Politics

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red herring fallacy example

What is The Red Harring Fallacy?

Before going into the examples, here’s a definition of the fallacy: The red herring fallacy occurs when an individual deliberately introduces an irrelevant topic …
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False Dilemma Fallacy Examples in Real Life

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false dilemma fallacy examples

The False Dilemma Fallacy, also known as the ‘Either-Or’ fallacy, occurs when:

You are presented with 2 options and told that only one is true whilst the other is …
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Appeal To Force Fallacy Examples

Appeal To Force Fallacy Examples in Real Life

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What is the Appeal To Force Fallacy?

Appeal to Force is a logical fallacy which occurs when: Instead of reason, an individual uses the threat of force …
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Slippery Slope Fallacy Examples in Real Life, in Commercials and in Politics


Slippery Slope Fallacy Examples

What is the Slippery Slope Fallacy?

Before going into the examples, here is a definition of this fallacy.

The Slippery Slope Fallacy is a logical fallacy where an argument is put forth which …
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The Dunning Kruger Effect: Definition and Explanation


The Dunning Kruger Effect is a cognitive bias which states that people who possess little knowledge on a topic have a tendency to overestimate themselves. Whereas the more knowledgeable individuals tend to …
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Anchoring Bias Examples

Anchoring Bias Examples in Real Life and in Business

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The Anchoring Bias…

… occurs when a person is influenced unconsciously by the initial piece of information (considered to be the Anchor), which in turn affects their final decision.

Anchoring Bias – Example …
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Fixed and Growth Mindset – 7 Ideas To Shift Your Mindset


Dr. Carol Dweck, a professor of psychology in Stanford University coined the terms ‘fixed mindset’ and ‘growth mindset.’ Starting out as a young researcher in the 1970s, she discovered these mindsets whilst …
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